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Race Prediction Calculator

A footrace is a race that is run by competitors using just their feet. Usually, it is running on foot from start to finish. More than 500 races are held all over the world per year; most of them are headed by AIMS or the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. Mainly all of the participants join a race not to win, but mostly just to finish. While some race to beat their personal time or be in a position when finished. There are many strategies runners can develop in order to finish the race. Some will do a run-walk approach, for example they run from water stop to the next water stop, while walking in the water stop area to guarantee that the fluids will be swallowed instead of spilled.

Many professional runners train for many months before going to a race. The minimum time span of training normally is from 5 to 6 months. In the first week, a small distance is required simply because they are just starting, and then gradually per week the distance increases depending on the runnerís condition, some increase their distance by ten percent. The recreational runners mostly train or run forty miles a week, while the elite professional runners run up to a hundred miles a week for training and conditioning.

If you are training and would want to know your predicted racing time and split time, an easy way is to use the Race Prediction Calculator. This calculator can compute your training progress and show your results in the main race based on an equation formula. The formula used here is the Peter Riegelís formula which is t2 = t1 (d2 /d1) ^1.06; t1 being your original time, t2 being the new distance you are estimating, d1 being the original distance you covered, and d2 being your estimated distance you will cover. This formula in fact has been used by many to help them with their training and with this calculator you can see the outcome of your training.

To operate the calculator, first you must enter the distance you have raced in the first box, you can choose the unit either kilometers or miles. Next, you enter the time you have finished your initial distance. Then, enter your predicted or estimated distance you will cover for your initial time. By clicking the calculate button, you will get the results: race time prediction and your target split time.

For example a recreational runner wants to know how he will do in his main race. So he enters his training distance covered in the first box which is 5 kilometers. Next is by inputting the time covered on that distance, so he enters 30 minutes in the second box. Lastly, he inputs his predicted distance in the race time within 30 minutes. Upon clicking the calculator, he gets the following results: his racing prediction time would be 23 minutes and 41 seconds, his target split time will be 5 minutes and 56 seconds per kilometers.

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